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Flu Shots

Flu Shots


We are offering flu shots in our clinics. Please call the office to book.

If you have had a flu shot elsewhere, please let us know by filling out this form

Please wear a short-sleeved shirt to allow easy access to the injection site.

Please bring your Ontario Health Card.

You should not get a flu shot if…

  • You have had a severe reaction to the flu shot in the past.
  • You have a known allergy to eggs or thimerosal.
  • You are ill on the day you plan to get the flu shot.

What are the risks and how might I feel after my shot?
The vaccine, like any medication, is capable of causing side effects, which can be either mild or, occasionally, severe. The risk of the vaccine causing serious harm is extremely small. Most people who get the vaccine have either no side effects or mild side effects. A Ministry of Health "Influenza Vaccine Fact Sheet" is available on the websites listed below.

Want to know more…
This website provides more information on the Influenza Vaccine: Ontario Ministry of Health


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